Recommendations for the Strategic Planning of Peri-Urban Areas in Danang

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The purpose of this report is to offer a range of effective and practical recommendations for more effectively planning and managing the development and protection of peri-urban areas in Danang. The report is based on discussions and observations made during two visits to Danang in 2006 and 2007, and review of recent case study assessments made of Danang’s urban planning systems prepared by Halcrow Group’s EAP Sustainable Development on the Urban Fringe: Vietnam Final Country Study, Volume III (January 2007), and PADECO’s The Evolving Role of World Bank Urban Shelter Projects: Addressing Land Market and Economy-Wide Constraints; City Specific Report: Danang, August 2007. This report also draws on the author’s report, Vietnam’s New 2020 Urban Development Strategy: Issues and Opportunities for National and Local Government Institutions, April 2008, and a short policy note he prepared during a mission to Danang in June, 2006./.



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