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Approved evaluation criteria detailed technical consultant supervision Categories for Dragon

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On April 13, 2009, the Department of Transportation Dist. Da Nang has issued Decision No. 297/QD-SGTVT approved evaluation criteria detailed technical Categories consultant supervision for the new bridge over the Han River (location near the center television Vietnam in Da Nang).

Standard detailed review of technical, consulting contractors have experienced have been involved make a similar bid package (of the nature, scale, value ...) in the past 10 years Here, from 1998 as a contractor, the consulting firm or consulting venture (not consider the capacity of subcontractors), many projects in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, shows the deep understanding of TVGS bid package will have the advantage.

In the same evaluation criteria, and key personnel as head of delegation TVGS, Deputy Group TVGS, the KS TVGS Senior structural, geotechnical, electrical and demanding experience participating in projects with the national nature International, have a minimum working time from 12-15 years, are knowledgeable about the law's construction of Vietnam.

According to the approved bidding plan, the contractor TVGS Categories will be selected in the form of broad international bidding, 01 Tender Package, 02 bag records, conduct the bid opening at 9am on May 12, 2009 in PMU DTXD of Transport Da Nang.

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